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Restoring the Tight Fit & Spotless Appearance of Carpets

Instead of replacing carpets that are showing signs of normal wear and tear, save substantially by requesting our same-day floor repair and carpet stretch services. Garry Gray Carpet Repairs & Stretching in Boca Raton, Florida, has the expertise needed to perform the job right and quickly. Plus, there are never any hidden fees. You pay the quoted price, unless adjustments are made based on further work required. In this case, the modified amount is discussed with you for approval.

Carpet Stain and Vaccum

Prevent Tripping Possibilities

Wrinkled and wavy carpeting is often the result of everyday use, improper installation, water overflow, or the intersection of two different floors not secured correctly. For homeowners, property managers, and landlords, we move all the furniture to one side, pull up the carpet, reinforce the tack strip, and re-stretch carpeting to the edges to make it tight again. Some circumstances necessitate installing a new tack strip and pad. Since there are many entrances in hallways, we check all the seams and reposition them afterwards.

From Pet Stains to Water Damage

Dogs and cats can quite easily chew or scratch a hole in the carpet or have an accident that leaves behind unsightly stains. People spill and knock things over too. Seams also split at entryways and where one room meets another. It doesn't matter what type of carpeting you own or how large the damage—we fix it all! This includes tears, rips, pet stains, iron burns, cigarette burns, and water damage.

Our specialists repair badly damaged carpet for homeowners and renters. If you are moving out, we help you avoid losing your deposit at a far lower cost.

*Please note: We do not offer carpet cleaning.

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